Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday 29th January


Today was interesting, oh wait not really because it's the most boring day of the week. Today, we had the farbulous Stuart round for a show and meal, (Serving stew to Stew-art, how lame is my family?) we were going to see Legally Blonde (Again!) and he mentioned his sister was one of the dancers, so ya know discounted tickets. So we went, still a good show but my friends were there :L Trouble commenced. I told them my crush was in the same row as me.   I was telling them how hot he was and that he kept smiling at me, when I spotted him walking out of the door. I pointed at him as he walked past and told my mates that he was my ultimate crush. Suddenly, one of my mates shouted out 'THAT'S MY BROTHER!!!' Everybody heard, including my crush who even turned around. Worst of all he was Stuart's boyfriend :L Ever tripped over when bringing in a bowl of profiteroles?  Exactly what I did, thank god it was buy one get one free and thank god for microwaves! See ya;s for tomorrow!

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