Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday 12th January


Today was interesting, well if that's the appropriate word to describe parents evening. Dun dun duun. Not like I have anything to worry about I always go and get told 'Pleasure to teach, high achiever' and no I am not some kind of boff before you moan 'This girls a boff' as I was called this morning after getting my first GCSE results, I got a C :) If anyone does call you a boff, just think of you not working in McDonalds and that skank living there. Parents evening is about your parents finding out; You roll those sleeves up, your grades are pants etc. My mum only wanted to see 3 subjects, so it was a quickie night. Of hearing, 'Well she rarely participates in class, homework should be getting green lights' Just kidding! I am now going to celebrate my C like a little boff bag and have some Chocolate. Boring blog today but I love a bit of hollister hoodies :) See ya's for tomorrow!

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