Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I want one of those!

I am a bit of a girly girl at times so as a new twitterer I browsed a few pages and came across a jewelry website who design some fabulous, bespoke charm bracelets. Daisy does (www.daisydoes.net) create unique, handmade bling and when they mean bling they go all out! Daisy's charms are meant to make a statement for someone to stand out of that crowd! With beautiful charms that can be bought in different styles like Lady Gaga, Vintage, Disney (You're never too old!) or even a beauty queen you can be whatever or whoever you would like. Here is one of favourites which when my pocket money comes, I will splurge on! Wanna check out more? Go to www.daisydoes.net or follow @DaisyDoesUK on Twitter. To get 10% off anything from DaisyDoes use discount code DAISYARMY :P

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