Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday 28th January


Today was interesting. Nothing beats cleaning on a Saturday.  The joy of busting your but off to be told, 'You did nothing all day'. I have you know I did more than It who was ordered to clean by his mother, and he sits on his fat backside playing on 'Roblox' all day on his laptop. He also goes on habbo and swears at people, when he swears he laughs so hard. I've had a real chocolate craving this week, last week I wouldn't go near them as i've been 'Turned off' them recently. Today I did go for a look in the celebrations tin, and there was none left! Except snickers and mars, but they're the boring ones! Gone off chocolate is not the one. When you don't want chocolate it's there in it's bars, but when you want it, it's been gobbled up by the mother. It's okay when she asks and it's not your Christmas present. But come on, it's like getting a present handed to you and you have to hand it back before you play with it! This girl in my school must of got through to a modeling contest, which was funny because she ('The best dancer in the school' I should call her. Quote her) didn't get in to the dance troupe either, she must of got through to this contest. Her status saying, 'AHH anyone who called me ugly now need to get their eyes tested cuz apparently i have gorgeous hair, smile, eyes and natural good looks' some people really make you laugh. It does bug me though, because I don't personally think she's drop dead gorgeous (Hello, did she get into a model agency noo. She's unknown to the model world) and she gets so cockey so easily. You know those people? I hate them people. Oh well, if she wins we'll have to listen to her sqeaming through school. If she loses, I have someone in the same boat as me. Imagine if it was a scam, aha. Probably is. They let anyone sign up and join. No audition, nothing. I'm still expecting my local newspaper article to appear in the newspaper!! See ya's for tomorrow, see what happens when stew is served to Stu-art. My gay best friend :) Byee!

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