Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th January


Today it's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday the 13th ooft scared? I always get good luck, like the amount of compliments I received for this little stunner right here<  After school I had to go into town for She to buy some nice ready meals for dinner, you have to admit sometimes ready meals do sometimes taste much better than actual things as my mum does rarely when she cbb to cook She also wanted to have a look at the clothes so as we were at the mumsie clothes,  I spotted a group of fit lads from school (Wtf were they there on their own in a grannies department, fit grannies?) . One of them called me over so I tried to act cool and pretended I hadn't heard them. I picked up the nearest item of clothing to me so that it looked like I was just casually shopping, but it wasn't until I got closer to them that I realised I'd grabbed a huge pair of Granny knickers, they were massive and looked as if the wearer wanted to be sexy but kinda failed! And they saw, I had to do the whole 'Yeah-I-Picked-Up-Them-Cos-I'm-Badda-Enit'. I do love the way 'gansta's' talk, it's so fun to imitate the stupidity. See ya's for tomorrow!

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