Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday 30th September


Today I had 'That Lesson', the Scope/PSHE lesson that all Year 9's have to endure with the banana's. Learning about safe sex and putting on a condom. Guess what, an ancient maths teacher walked in during the demo. He had a kinda 'This happens in MY classroom, and I don't know about it?' look on his face. Imagine the next day when someone goes to sharpen their pencil. 'Who was making out in here?'. Lol. That would be hilarious. My outfit is a blazer and statement jewelry. Trying to look ladylike? Oh well I had my first lesson of Dance (We've had teacher's training days).  I was lining up for my new Dance class with my bezzie. When a hot sixth-former walked past, she dared me to tell him he was fit! I decided just to go for it, so I told him - and he gave me a confused look.I went back to stand with my mate, before we were ushered into the classroom. Once we'd got our seats, and everyone had settled down, the teacher began to introduce himself - he was the hot 'sixth-former'! No wonder he'd look confused when I told him he was fit!

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