Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tuesday 27th September!


Today, I wore this new hoodie this is what it says. The monster growled 'Yummmmm!' because he's a greedy piggy. Then the ice lollies say 'I scream' 'You cream' 'We all scream ice cream!'. I wore this with some shorts, funny story with the shorts. I saw on TV you can make it look really authentic with a cheese grater. So I did it. And me being a numpty, started to get cheese shapes on my legs! Got a few looks in PE. I had PE today and do you get it when your really rehearsed at a sport and you get that 'Shall I show off?' feeling, and everyone else shows off and you feel bad? Ok, last night we had Chinese and I brought the leftovers into school for lunch. The footballers came over to our table and my dish was so spicey. There goes my lunch all over the hottest guys face? I felt so bad (and hungry!). The school tramp actually came over and said 'ooh, that smells nice' and started licking the footie guy's blazer! Omfg. My birthday tomorrow guys :) See ya for tomorrow!

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