Friday, 16 September 2011

Fridy 16th September

Today, was interesting. I found out I was in the middle of a fight, a girls fight. Ikr, your probably thinking 'Lesbo's' I got that impression too! When I told my close friend, who's a boy. Awkward moment. So this morning I had Science, and as an experiment I timed the amount of times the boy next to me: Tried to interfere with my lovelife, 'accidently' fell on top of me, said I copied him (When I have higher targets than him?), checked my results and was amazed i'm almost as smart as him but not as annoying. Usually he shouts out 'Mam, she got that one wrong', today he couldn't because my homework was as good as his! Haha, trick for you's if google does accidently do your homework change the words around. I had Scope last and the whole class went 'Argh!' when we were told the Condom lesson was cancelled. Damn it! Apparently a year 7 walked into a year 9 condom lesson.. Well thats today, see ya tomorrow :)

P.S: Today is the start of London Fashion Week! Be prepared for a weekend splurge on the goss (PPQ) is on today! My favourite can't wait!, and remember vote along the side if you prefer the blog with my outfits (Not on schooldays) or just without them.

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