Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday 26th September


Today is 2 days till my birthday :P and I am wearing my 'See ya wouldn't want to Bee yah' top, get it theres a big bee on it? Has anyone else had technology fail on them and they found themself scribbling there homework in the canteen, and their teacher gave them the 'You-did-this-just-now Look'? Got my sister to email my homework for me to print off, never let your sister do that, especially when she's this techy genius and thinks I understand how to share documents? Yeah, as if i'm gonna share my homework with my 250 friends and know how to print it? Anyway, we had to do this project (Which counts towards our exams) with our crush which ment we had to swap phone numbers. Eek! I got stuck and phoned him and got so nervous down the phone I did a witches giggle down the phone! Now, he thinks i'm a total nutter. Humph, :( See ya's wouldn't want to Bee yah! Tune in for tomorrow's entry!

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