Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday 23rd September


Today, it's friday and well getting outta school was the best moment. So, we had one of those 'Sorry we missed you' cards, and I had to go and collect a (Birthday present) parcel from the gay couple who live down our road. I was in my school skirt and walked there and after I rung the bell, my skirt had ripped at the front! The minute he opened the door I was covering it with my blazer! Good thing I didn't have to say anything, I made a dash home. Good thing he wasn't in his birthday suit, like he usually is. Today, I wore my favourite top with 'Goddess' written on it, basic jeans and a little dark blue cardi. I love that this is the time to get those cardi's out, there so cute and sweet and really transfer your wardrobe into the winter, without you looking frumpy. Also, keep up the good work with the pageviews, I can reveal that if we get about 50+ followers, I guarantee a perfume giverway for October! See ya!

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