Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday 6th September

Tuesday's outfit!

Today was my last day of freedom, had to make an early dash to the school uniform shop,of course sold out of EVERYTHING I needed, she (being mother) remarked its ok I can collect what you need tomorrow (Trying to be helpful). Well that's not any good is it? I have to turn up in last years tatty tat up my arms. She has no understanding of my life. A whole half hour, a whole bottle of £5 hairspray on my hair went outside and looked like a wet rat had attacked my head, luckily I was dressed for the occasion my clothes did me proud. Well, I felt like the funfair had come early, my hood was a real life rollercoaster going up and down and up and down!

Well that was my incredibly entertaining day, come back for tomorrow's :)

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