Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday 20th September

Today, I had the day off for 'teachers training day'. You'd think the teachers would be training all day? Well go out for lunch in a sea of B.O and old people smell, you see the teachers stuffing their faces! And one of them especially had been on a weight loss show (When they go down a dress size), you see her at the end of the table, carefully positioned so she had easy access to the salad bar. My mum stopped counting the amount of times she  walked to the salad bar! Anyways, is it me or is when people retire. They retire from wearing deodorant/perfume/aftershave too? They always have that smell. I mean they do it all their lives and they stop. Lazy gits. Who else has had that homework to create a 3d model of the Earth showing its layers? I did, and I finished it today. It wouldn't stick properly, so I have a feeling it'll collapse for tomorrow. How's your day been? Mines been ok, does anyone else have that argument with your mum when you watch BINTM 'She looks like Shrek!'. 'Mum, she's 'different'. I want Juste to win! See ya tomorrow! Remember to follow us :)

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