Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday 9th September

Friday's outfit!

Today, it's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! (Sorry a little habit), hope I've lifted those 'Eurgh, school' spirits, but well done for attending school this week your grand prize is... a 2 day lie in! Well, this whole week it's been raining so you'd expect great drink for your parents plants. Wrong. She think's it's normal to go out, after it's been raining all day, and water her plants. Wtf is she on? Also, I have a big family meal tomorrow, which will hopefully be funny. And I guess today's outfit is kinda tomorrow's. Today was an interesting friday.

Tomorrow will be a fabulous entry of when me (Clumsy, opinionated, obseves EVERYTHING) goes into Pizza Hut. I have a feeling tomorrow's will be double maybe even triple. I might even have to do a two parter. Toodles :)

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