Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thursday 15th September

(I've decided that since I'm chocablocked with homework atm, what do you want. The blog and picture or just the blog?)

Today, I figured out, is it possible to not fall asleep in Geography? I'm being serious. Everyone goes 'Yay' to a video, then they're all dead after. Then, you know yesterday I said chocolate was selling, now it's 'Roll-ups' I thought they were talking about actually roll-up jeans at first, so I was like 'Ooh, have you got any pale ones?'. Well, that was awkward, I'm now known as like a really dim person. But if you don't know do drugs, your gonna think roll-ups are actual jeans! I had Art afterwards, put all my hard effort detailing every itsy line on my hand, to find out my work was a level 3. Eurgh. Then, I had the ever-entertaining maths, and I am owed a lollipop from my maths teacher. And my brain is still aching from too much Algebra. Who just said that as Algee-Bra, you year 7's :) See ya tomorrow :)

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