Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saturday 3rd September

Saturday's Outfit!

So sorry for the picture quality today, I have realised that my phone's camera sucks, so i'll be using another from now on. So hello everyone! Today i'm wearing: A 'Hot Mess' top with sweet treats, white short, pink cardi and a pink designer handbag. If you guys have seen the 'Spoiler' video already, you'll know which bag this is. So who's watching 'The X Factor' tonight? I am for sure, I'm not sure about the judging panel though, my favourite  judge was Dannii and I loved Simon put these new ones don't really pop for me. Tulisa is so like Cheryl: Come from a council estate, in a band that teenagers parents don't know of and generally haven't really done that much. With Gary I think he's over-exaggerating the whole 'Be Like Simon' thing; He even sits like him. And Kelly well, if Simon made an effort to get Kelly I think he could of made a few more calls and got Beyonce? But, with the new panel I think it's nice that it's not split like last time :) Your thoughts?? Also remember to click 'Become a member' on the sidebars!

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