Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday 25th September


Today, is 3 days till my birthday :) And, you may see a picture of me soon with a very special celebrity! Today, I went out for some shopping with my mummy (I'm like most teenagers, 'mummy' is used when shops and mummy's purse is in distance). We both really needed the toilets so we went to use the public ones (Gross!, but there better than McDonalds ones), I sat down and there was no toilet paper and my mum chucked some over the top for me. I finished before her and went outside to wait for her. My crush from school walked passed and started laughing at me and called out 'Nice hat'. I wasn't wearing a hat and realised the loo roll that my mum chucked over created a hat on my head! Soo cringey. But I liked my top here, pink and blue work wonders together. See ya for tomorrow, try to get those followers up!

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