Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday 21st September

Today, I had to return to Hell which goes by the name of High School. I did that slow confident walk into school today, passed the tarts and guess what? I had toilet roll attached to my shoes. Not a happy bunny. We had an Assembly today which to us is just a way for us to fall asleep? Squashed up in a hot room surrounded by sweat and at perfect distance to watching the tramps hair dance. Woop de doo! Next I had Woodwork, and being in a class of dumbo's, my level for homework 'Was the best by far!', one person even wrote 'Copied & Pasted from Wikipedia'. Lol. Woodwork was enjoyable, we spent 70 minutes on a worksheet/ Gossiping at just about anyone and making strange noises and getting looks from 'The ex cool people', you know the people that were cool that now just walk around like they own the place? They laugh at us? Lol, feel like saying 'Well, your as unpopular as us now, you bumder'. Haha. Well, I handed in my 'Model of the Earth' today and well got a crap level. All my hard work? All the sleep I missed? All the time it cut into my social life! Ruined. ICT was great, got questioned about this petty argument at school. It's like really, I'm not that person? I don't know why they hate you, but if you have an argument with someone of course there gonna call you names? They don't just go 'Oh she stole my friend, she's so pretty and awesome'. Seriously. See ya guys for tomorrow. And one other thing, could you comment on a way to draw more followers onto the blog? Thanks xxxxxx

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