Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday 18th September

Sunday's outfit!

Today, is 10 days till my birthday :) I bet i'm not the only person who counts down the days, when it gets to about 8/9pm on their birthday they turn around and say. "Well, I waited all year for that lump of rubbish?", well the best bit is the pressies? Anyway, I have been keeping track of London Fashion Week, what I don't get is, they only allow specific people in? It's like, I could walk in and say 'Hey, I work for Dior', they'd probably let me in. This time next year, i'll be allowed in. I'm going to the Clothes Show Live in December too :) But today I felt very guilty, I ate a whole 7" pizza, but then I had been moving all week. Who else is getting that Sunday Night feeling? I am, wanna know why? I've been looking online all week for birthday presents when I should of been doing my 3d model of the Earth! Well... a week isn't good enough? They expect us to have no lives, do they? Well, see ya tomorrow, gotta check out Fashion Week. Stay tuned.

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