Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday 24th September

Saturdays Outfit!

Today, I kinda cheated because I got changed when I came back indoors. Today, I went to the gym, to you know try a few classes. Trampolining was on so me and my bezzie went in and did the class. First off we didn't see the words 'For OAP's' only. And they were all too nice to say 'Hey, Leave us and your non-wrinkly skin.'. So we stayed and did a bit of bouncing, and my friend needed the loo and asked for me to watch her bit, opposite mine. I ran over to it, only for the mat to slip underneath me! I fell flat on my face, and I had a lot of cackles. My friend came back to see me on the floor with my face a beetroot! See ya guys for tomorrow and also, after reporting Milan fashion week i've been signing online animal welfare petitions. Maybe you could join?

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