Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday 14th September

(Sorry for not having an image today, it'll be up tomorrow. Camera problems).

Today, I found out that in Performing Arts I have to teach some 'Ravers' how to rave. In a school environment. Appropriately. Properly, not a little Beyonce 'Uh oh' move. To a Michael Jackson song. Any suggestions, that won't get me beaten up or into a fight? Who shout out to someones question of 'Don't we have to wear black paint?' they answer 'No, he's either!'. I mean I love Michael Jackson as an inspiration and all (I've always dreamed of dancing with him on stage), but you had to laugh. Afterwards, I found out that the item that's being dealed around school is. Not Drugs, cigarettes or anything like that. But CHOCOLATE! But a bit stupid when you can go down the road to Asda's and get it half the price. Anyway french was alright did a little play, messed it up. Lol. Finished with English and well the word 'GCSE' is like a curse that keeps on comming. See ya for tomorrow :)

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