Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday 13th September

Tuesday's outfit!

Today She introduced a new 'Health Kick' into our house. And to It (Annoying brother who i'm somehow related to) a creature prone to vegetables, when She described what would happen he started doing that squeal dance when you see a spider. Bless him, She never bothers with veg with him because he just leaves it. But we carried on with our Just Dance tournament today, including She (Luckily she had support bra on). What I do not get with Just Dance is a girl (Like me) who has been to dance lessons all her life is being outdanced by a 48 year old woman who probably raved in a time a while ago. Wtf is up with that? She says the tip is to do alot with your arms. I do that and I still end up losing then the Old and Wise one? (Older sis who manages to get the whole blooming bar full) says that it's quite hard to get Perfects on the dances I do and that it's hard even to get Good's. To make me feel better. Oh well tomorrow will hopefully be better!

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