Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday 11th September

Sunday's outfit!

Today, I went more casual as I was going to visit my Nanny :) My Nanny she lives near a beach so we went to hers and there was an Indian festival going on, so we thought we'd go and celebrate (And apparently the food was delish). So we went there and were pulled into a tent and tried this curry dish. It was nice.. but my mouth was on fire and well there were no bins around so I accidently vomited on some Indian woman! Well her outfit did look like someone had puked on it? We ran out laughing and sat watching this Indian dance. Big mistake. This guy made us jump up and dance with them, and well it was a hippie kind of dance. I randomly did a 'Big fish, little fish, cardboard box' to this. My sister's friend came to dance with us and sing his 'We are the Paki girls' song. Eurgh, now we're hated by a religion with good food. Later that day I got home and began on my homework. And no, Google did not complete it. I looked out the window and well there were 6 middle aged women on the street corner. Skimpily dressed, caked in makeup. Looked like someone had messed up the 'Only way is Essex' audition details. What were they doing at night? Some men we're obviously a bit too interested. Anyway, today was rather embaressing. Catch you for tomorrow's entry :)

P.S: To the families that lost a relative in 9/11 (Most of my viewers are from the US). I'd like to say you've been brilliant for 10 years and I wish you the best.

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