Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thursday 8th September

Thursday's Outfit!

Today, I had the dreaded P.E lesson and we did jogging in the freezing cold. Are they mad? P.E. on your second day back, in the bloody freezing cold. Well, when I got home I had to walk down to the shop for bread. I thought it would be a great time to break in my new uggs! So I get outside walk, walk walk. SPLAT! Ugg's ruined in a pile of dog's muck. Then, to cover up my anger, the hottie opposite us had noticed and was laughing. I felt like going to find the dog walker and fining him, but I chased after them and demanded a replacement. He replied going 'My dog's well trained'. WELL TRAINED. YOU TIGHT WOD. Didn't even say 'Oh sorry there'. Told my mum when I got in... she wasn't surprised or pleased for that matter.

Got to go, see you guys for tomorrow :)

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