Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday 14th September

Saturday's Outfit!

Today, is day 2 of 'Fashion Week' in every capital of the world! (Well I think). I will be covering ALL the fashion weeks each day with my favourite designers and my 'Star' outfit :) But today, my mum found out that she is fed up of those bags she wears. So today we binned everything sugary! Omfg, I thought. What is she seriously on? Binning Kit-Kats, cupcakes (On national cupcake week!), Coke. Is she trying to ruin my life? She won't even let us have strawberries mixed in melted chocolate, which is technically a balanced meal in one mouthful? So, I made myself a sandwich and went back to the fridge to get the water out.Turn around and that evil ball of fluff has eaten it! Humph, I thought. So, I locked him outside forever. Even when the rain started pouring it down. Note to self, lock him outside forever when he arrives at my house.
See ya guys later, remember to check out my fashion week posts :)

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