Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Today, I turned the big 14. Do I feel any different? NO not really. Do I feel older? Yeah, alot. Woke up to the normal 'Happy Birthdays'. Nan's card was old-fashioned (The money wasn't!), She thought she was trendy with comparing me to Simon Cowel. Quoting the card 'Do you have a talent for partying, shopping and looking young?' Inside it said '3 BIG YESSES!'. Highlight of the morning was 'It's all about the monneeyy!' and got some tickets to the west end :P Was she trying to be trendy or just making the fact I am now getting plastered in zits? Go to school, got a screechy song into my ears. Very pleasant? Standing there bright red, practically begging my friends not to tell my form tutor and get the whole class to sing the whole song? Eurgh. Yeah it happened. I had to stand on my chair, and kinda tripped on my chair? Apparently my friend's forgot there presents. Yeah, right. One even wrote in my card 'Enjoy this fab day, your not getting any younger!'. Oh yeah, rub it in. Got home. I love just saying 'It's my birthday, now do as I say'. Now my slaves won't work for me tomorrow! I was just getting used to not doing things! My homemade birthday cake got burnt and the custard for it was ruined (Anyone for burnt chocolate cake and chocolate custard?), we had no matches? Yey, woop de doo. A truly fabulous day. Hopefully my party is better.

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