Saturday, 1 October 2011

Next Stop Paris!

Ooh la la, we're in Paree! Bonjour darlings! We have arrived in Paris, and we're going to be covering the most recent footage from Paris, including who's sitting in the frontrow and of course the fabulous designers. Chanel, Dior are from Paris, and well how exciting can it get? The first day in Paris only features 5 shows, so let's cover them all! Also, recently i've been doing Autumn/Winter so let's have an outlook on Summer? Note, you won't recognise there names:
Aganovich- Very Mod/60's inspired. Some beautiful models here.
Julien David- Half of the show was of this standard, which is average. The rest was very boring. Models look very bland too.
Julien DavidJulien DavidJulien David
Thimister- This show is very 'Gladiator' inspired. These big belts made appearances, alot.
Commuun- The black and white was very strong, the colour splashes were very shaded in.
Anthony Vaccarello- Fabulous collection, reminded me of what a girl band should wear. Also boyfriend jeans looked hot in the show! Alot of blocked lips?
Anthony VaccarelloAnthony VaccarelloAnthony Vaccarello
Anthony VaccarelloAnthony VaccarelloAnthony Vaccarello

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