Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday 12th September

Monday's Outfit!

Today, I'm wearing what I shall be wearing to dance tomorrow :) But anyway my last lesson today was Woodwork/RM whatever you wanna call it. But we're making jewelry for our own little range. Today we were all making earrings and we had to leave it in a really hot oven. Which I did and accidently destroyed it and created a mini fire... I guess I was too busy thinking about colours! Oh well, it was wonky anyway. But they're sending a letter home asking my parents to pay for the damage to the tables. Awkward...
Anyways, it's 3 weeks till my birthday! Woop, woop. Also we reached our record pageviews (40) yesterday which is impressive (Before I logged off there was only 24). I'd like to beat that my birthday and get more members! If I don't have more members, we don't get our makeup giverway. Anyways.. still haven't had my first comment.

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