Saturday, 24 September 2011

Milan Fashion Week! Take 1!

Many of you have seen my reports on 'London Fashion Week', and the next fashion capital I have chosen to report is 'Milan', the home to big brands like D&G, Gucci and Prada. Many of them did showcase their collections on the first two days of 'Milan Fashion Week', so here are the top 5 of the first two days:
Gucci- Beautiful flowy dresses and some interesting fur.
D&G- Already seen replica's by New Look, very tropic colours and great hi-tops. This pattern was it.
Fendi- About 3/4 of this collection is made of animal fur, which is shocking for me as an animal lover. But without the fur, the clothes weren't as good.
Prada- Pretty bland show. Nothing in particular stood out. Except some of the models.
Alberta Ferretti- Bland start but very sequin finish.

Alberta FerrettiAlberta FerrettiAlberta Ferretti

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