Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday 4th September

Sundays Outfit!

Today I went all Nautical :) Nautical is always a Summer must, but this year it hasn't really been embraced as much, but red will be big in Autumn/Winter. Today i'm wearing: My red 'Michael Jackson/Cheryl Cole' military jacket, a white cami and flare sailor trousers. These trousers are great because their flared which gives a 70's look and it has big buttons which are Nautical. Well, we'll all be going back to school next week! And I know that everyones going to be getting that 'Night before' feeling, specially if your making that jump from Primary to Secondary, if you are word of advice copy EVERYTHING into your planner correctly, don't be an idiot and write the subject and the class code, I was constantly at the wrong classroom! Bye for now and continue with the page views we're currently at 115 which is amazing and remember to become a member!

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