Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saturday 10th September

Saturday's Outfit!

Today, I really mixed up my outfit for The Family Dinner at Pizza Hut. This jacket is like for 8year olds, on an almost 14 year old. Lol, well everyones wearing jackets up their arms! Well, I went to Pizza Hut (My fave restaurant) and you wouldn't guess what happened. First off toddlers screaming in a restaurant is unacceptable.They should really have the whole pack of dummies in there at once. We went for the buffet (This was yesterday), because we're so hungry to wait. We go over there and I want to try a Veggie pizza (I'm not veggie, but it tastes nice :P) and so apparently the green spatula is for veggie only and I mixed it up with a pepperoni, this woman turned around and had a go at me saying it's not supposed to blah,blah,blah. I made up an excuse that I'm colour blind back? Wtf was I thinking! Ok, so I sat down and badly needed the lavatory (Cos i'm poosh like that). Went in, did my stuff, went to wash my hands and the soap swished all down my dress. I had to walk back looking like I had an accident, with everyone looking at me. Awkward.. For dessert we had ice cream and She practically shoved in every little sugary thing into her bowl. Today, was very awkward. I wonder what my cousins will think when they see this..

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