Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Today was interesting, first day back. Back to dark mornings, gloomy days, early nights, bad tv, squabbling year 7's, cocky year 8's, cool year 9's, bad school food, queues, remembering and the rest is a blur :P What is really bugging me atm is I'm trying to get a bag in demand and any Z-List celebrity the company will drop any orders for them, so you get these celebrities in any magazine saying where they are from. Then you have people like me, unable to get one who keep refreshing their websites to get one! Ridiculous. School was a drag, forgot my lunch... I was at the library, picking out a new boom for formtime with two of my silly, friends. We were joking around and started to read a children's book aloud in the little corner, doing our best dora impression. Till, an angelic (Doubted)little boy from a primary school came in (School trip) lost. He came over and said, 'Miss can you tell me a duck story? Quack quack!' bless him. He must of been in the infants, they were doing science experiments in our labs. He was so cute! see ya;s for tomorrow!

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