Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tuesday 3rd January


Today was interesting, only had to wake up at 7:30 to get into school for 8:45 to hear I need to 'Maintain high standards'. Surely a school would know that they could just email a few thousand students that or text us, rather than making us get up early and also annoying the teachers. But today was that day. I was 'cleaning' when the Old&Wise one said 'Oh gawd i'm going to be 27 tomorrow' oh sugar. She and I nipped out to town and got her cards and a limited edition white chocolate toblerone, of course it's 99p! When you're speed shopping you just pick up and go. But when you get tripped up by a family of bikes on the pavement, it does slow down the wrapping process. She was furious (As we live near a primary school which promotes cycling, as to being the best thing ever, she is used to this and always just passes civily) but today was no exception. She turned around and said, 'No apology? Well did you know it's against the law to be riding there. I could have you done for that and for assault. You're lucky my daughter didn't break anything'. The look people give you these days. Of course I did a bit of a cry, who doesn't and I also said in a very posh accent 'Teach your children some manners before they turn into criminals'. But no apology at all, some people really do make you sick. I did however shave their dog as he walked past, hair removal cream just happened to fall out of my pocket. I have now got that day before school feeling, oh well. See ya;s for tomorrow!

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