Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday 1st January

Sunday! (Awaiting a photo girls atm)

Today was new years day, the start of a brand new year and my new years resolution is to continue to make my blog bigger, and more successful. Last night was a great night, perfect for sleeping if you like the 'BANG BANG BANG' of the fireworks, the 'KAPOW' of drunk people falling over and the stench of your frightened dog, who has chosen your room as it's safe place to pee when fireworks occur. I did however crack open Zumba with She and began teaching a 48 year old woman, to grind chose hips all around. You would of thought you were teaching a 3 year old ballet, 'This is too what you do at a nightclub, get it off' 'I can't do it, your not helping me properly' or when she does get the hang of it, 'Do you want me to go to that new nightclub, and show them a piece of this?'. Surely some twenty-somethings wouldn't want to see a mum type show how she shakes her hips. Gross, (Oh mum if your reading, I love you really). Zumba is a fun workout, if you ya know wanna prance around like some sort of stripper, you know really shimmying those bits, like when you watch music videos and you think 'Should I be watching this...'. I did do it, and I got the normal response from She when I do dance games. 'Oh stop being harsh on yourself, you've got no fat to burn off' and when I say 'I'm doing dance for GCSE, I need to practice' she gives a lecture about how when she was my age, there was no pressure to live a healthy lifestyle and all that rubbish. But today was quite funny. I walked down to the corner shop to pick up a newspaper, and I started practicing a bit of hip shaking in the corner shop (When you walk and don't realise you're doing it?) and turns out a grumpy, old lady was peaking through her ancient curtains watching. The nerve of some people. See ya's for tomorrow.

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