Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Cotton candy pinks, pistachio greens and lemon meringue yellows. Candy coloured nails are so cute, if they weren't toxic and life-threatening I would eat them! Candy coloured/pastels/ice cream colours took pride of place on Chanel during fashion week, now it's your time to get those nails done. Here are some tips from nail expert Sue if you want to try it out:

  • With this trend, long nails (Ew) are out replaced by short squares with a curved edge.
  • Always file nails in one direction, never file back and forth (Naughty me!) as this weakens the nails.
  • Take your time painting, so the nails do not chip.
  • A base coat is very important to achieve a smooth finish. Use a lycra coat (I'll post one for you!)
  • Once the base is done, apply TWO coats of your chosen gummy bear.
Choosing colours? Let me, stay tuned for my picks and unfortunately they are not 50p this time :(

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