Friday, 21 September 2012

Today it's Friday, Friday! Seriously am looking forward to the weekend. Attending a shopping event and I will post any gems I find. I do like a rummage through the racks. I'm normally the unimpressed one, LOL. Anyway, treated myself to a T-shirt so I shall me modelling that. Catwalk show is planned! Woo. Just noticed I have Maths and Science on my birthday. How depressing. Speaking of maths and exams and everything headache-ridden. My Mum had cooked us our favourite dinner tonight (Well we haven't had it in a while, a curry. With all the trimmings). Maybe she was planning something? After we were all stuffed she confessed. that she had a new boyfriend. All a bit sudden and we were all a bit, 'Say whaaaaat?' But hoping she was happy and doing my infamous (hesitant, usually what I use when something bubbles on about their dreary life. Seriously do I look like a counseller!) smile. She revealed he would be coming in five minutes. So while I gossiped with the 'Old&Wise One?' about whether he was fit or not. (Who doesn't have a fan girl moment?) The door finally rang when I got to meet her new man… after a day of praying I'd never see my maths teacher or a surd or test again. He just walked through the door. His first line. 'Oh your the quiet girl who fancies the guy you sit next to'. Bear in mind I sit next to a total, how can I say this. A very studious type. #DeadDueToEmbaressment. All I can say is. If I see him in my house, on my birthday, after a lesson of maths. I may just explode. 

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