Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday 18th October

(Sorry for no picture, technical difficulties).

Today, was interesting. My sister (Helloo Gorgeous!) is currently on holiday in a place in Swanage and she is a foodie so her email said 'I love the food, it's lovely. Tailored to me'. But what school asks it's pupils for their email address AND password? To check their emails and send their parents bull? Anyways, on with today. I hate that word revision, don't you? And the letters GCSE they stand for Give Children Some Entertainment in my world. Revision is so hard, you never find any youtube clips on your subjects or anything. Right? But seriously when in year 7/8 revision for homework is no homework, but actually revise! We had dance today. We were doing girl and boy latin work. Sign :/ Always wanted to salsa and get paired up with some weedy child. Not a Patrick Swayze. Well, the last time I watched Dirty Dancing was when I was 6 and didn't get my way so I threw a strop. What 6 year old wants to watch that when they get the simpsons box set! Cake sale was still on today and my friend bought me a cookie, it was burnt and tasted funny. Not buying them again.I had the second half of my mock exam today. Wtf is with the word 'Mock' it doesn't make it any easier it makes it harder and sound like a bird! I also had drama with the nice looking kid on work experience, he didn't smell nice this week so I went off him.  See ya's for tomorrow, and remember to follow moi! xx

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