Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday 10th October


Today, was officially 'Monday Madness'. Anyone else had that mum who doesn't wake up in the morning? And she says I need an early night. Oh well, we went bowling this evening. What a palava. Note, I said palava not a pavlova, which is a rather delicious pudding that I wish I could eat. But i;ve decided to reduce my sugary intake, but tbh I don't eat much for breakfast or lunch and I eat too much at dinner that my body feels it and says 'Oit, I can't fit all this down me love!'. Yeah. there's a cockney geezer down me. Back to bowling.The lane next to us was full of cute lads, so on my go I decided to try and impress them. I took a massive run-up to get their attention but when I tried to stop I skidded and fell. My ball flew into the gutter and I ended up flat on my bum! It certainly got their the worst way possible. Now i'm known as the most embaressing girl there and the worse bowler there. And bowling is a sport I like! See ya's and don't forget to follow meh blog.

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