Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday 17th October


Today, I wore my top which says 'Gossip 'Did you hear?'. Because really that was how it was today, has anyone got it when you get moody people saying 'Why didn't you invite me?', and you simply reply saying we wouldn't fit you in the car, because it is like that? But you get a load of grief for it, and it's usually by people who try to impress you. It's like you can be so unknown and hated, your birthday comes and you get aload of friend requests! This week is Sixth Form charity week which is always good, you get to treat yourself to lovely goodies and watch little brats who think their god's gift prance on stage. Today we went in to the talent show and there was this one girl who cried because she didn't get in to Fridays final, and she was at least year 10. You feel like saying 'Well, did you hear people laughing in the crowd. Thats why you didn't get in!'. Although you do feel sorry for them. I had an exam today, the first half and well i'm gifted and talented in English but sometimes in tests I just go numb and don't think of anything. So I'm sat making gestures to my friends and  pretending to write when my teacher turns around! But I had to walk the dog today and the cringiest thing happened.  I was walking my dog Max with my friend in the park, when suddenly another dog appeared beside us. He and Max began chasing each other around, until Max’s lead got tangled in my legs and made me fall over! Everyone in the park turned to look and me. :/ See ya's for tomorrow, remember to follow.

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