Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday 28th October


Today it's friday, friday gotta get down on Friday! We were going to take a family day out to Westfields Stratford City, a new glamorous shopping centre built where the Olympics will be. So we got there and it's built near a load of corner shops and dinghy, not very glamorous shops. More of the area where women hang at night. We got there and whilst my family dug into the greasy, fattening, calorific food that McDonalds has to offer, my mum said, 'Oh please have some for me' and questioned me the meaning of anorexia. Seriously mum, I eat toast before I go and apparently i'm anorexic. Throughout the day my older sister (Let's name her the 'Old and wise' one) kept saying I rued the day and that we were walking round here because you wanted to and apparently I was very miserable. Hello? How can I not be Miserable. I have a little brat screaming on the way here resulting in a migraine, did she also know that I kept worrying about going to the toilet every 5 minutes to check.. Girls you know what I mean. Also did she know that this shopping centre had no Lipsy, no Debenhams, no House of Fraser, even no Pizza Hut! And people wouldn't blooming move, and I wore pink for their fundraising day (Free cupcake samples) and no blooming free samples as promised! I expected my free massage and rowed at the guy and still got no massage. My day from hell. Oh well. Freak me out with your Halloween costumes, please. See ya's for tomorrow. I apologise for my moodiness, but we've all been there.

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