Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday 24th October


Today, is the start of my Monday Madness. Please say i'm not the only one who woke up this morning at 6am and woke my mum shouting 'Mum, we're gonna be late. Move your fat bum out of bed!'. She wasn't impressed. So she confiscated my Blackberry and i'd also been staying up late on my laptop (Who doesn't?)  So I was screaming at my mum to give it back, and I was literally jumping up and down on the floor(Proper tantrum) I didn't realise that my sister was there filming it all, and then she uploaded it onto Facebook! My friends now call me Tantrum Girl. How embarrassing :( But who doesn't try to get their way? But today I wore a Lady Gaga top. I went down the shop to get a loaf of bread (Why me!) and in the shop the guy at the counter said 'Do you want all our meat while your at it. Make a little meat dress?'. I was utterly violated! Can't a girl wear a top in peace. See ya's later stay tuned for my Half term of madness!

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