Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday 12th October


Today well I got into the chill of winter. It's comming, that means 'It's Christmasssssss!'. But today I had to teach party goers how to party properly. We actually had a piece choreographed and well, the response was very standy stilly. Apart from the class clown, doing a bit of a 'Beyonce' shake. Totally embaressing himself... But it's 4 days till I meet a very famous person. I can't believe i'm passing up an audition to go and see him! But I had French today and we were doing speaking tests, infront of the whole class. And erm, I kinda swore in french? I said 'Sac de merde' instead of someother rubbish I was ment to say. Yeah, kinda got a detention and the honour of having a dirty look from my ancient french teacher for the rest of the year. Oopsies. Lastly I had English and we have a big exam soon (Monday) and theres so much pressure on us. But my teacher said my book was the best in the class! Haha! Oh well i'm on target so thats good. See ya's for tomorrow. Remember to follow moi!

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