Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday 31st October


Today is Halloween! OoOoOh the witches come out tonight! Witches aka me. I have the acne, the paleness yeah I've been sick all day. That and It had staff training day and well my mum was working so she kinda overfed me sugary foods last night (I COULDN'T HELP IT!) and being a sick lady, they conveniently looked after me. I accidently threw up on his face. Well he didn't get me what I wanted he was just like, 'No get it yourself'. I wore comfy pyjama's today and a warm comfy dressing gown, accessorized with vampire skin. But I'm not trick or treating tonight :( and I think i'm getting old now for it. But if you are stay safe, go with friends, keep your mobile with you and go to houses with pumpkins. They're not grumpy old gits who give you 2p and make it sound like a treat. Anyway on my day off I saw a witch already trick or treating. Wtf? Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow!

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