Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday 5th October


Today I was in the school library looking at some books then, as usual, I got bored then went with my friends to go see some magazines.Well,while browsing through the magazines I saw what I thought was a sample of a perfume then I smelled it. My friends started laughing at me and I did not know why then I turn the page and I see that the "perfume" I smelled was of these new scented tampons.Then me and my friends started cracking up and I realized,always check what your going to smell, that sounds uber wrong. Then suddenly our english teacher came over to see what we were laughing about and if it was inappropriate. She did a 'Girls, what on earth are you smelling those in a school library!'. Embaressing, whats worse was she looked like she wanted to smell them too and maybe go and buy them? Awkward. Anyway today i'm wearing a lovely lime green top and white shorts which I wear like everyday. Just a heads up I will be receiving some fabulous makeup gift sets soon and will be hosting a new contest to do with Fashion! Stay tuned.

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