Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday 25th October


Today was great. Sorta. So I had a walk along the seafront on our way to a theme park (Not one of the big ones) and our town has those water sprinklers. So I thought let's be a daredevil and walk through while they were small. I walked through and you guessed it. Soaked before it started raining. But, if you haven't rode a rollercoaster while it's raining, you have not lived. It is amazing, until you scream 'OH YEAH BABEY!' and it kinda sounds wrong, specially when theres parents with little 'uns giving you dirty looks. Did I mention we walked passed a hotel called 'The Hope Hotel' what are you hoping to find clean rooms there... Anyways, see ya's for tomorrow! You might just see a new segment appear.

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