Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday 6th October


Today I had the ever entertaining P.E and we were doing dance. You know when you do dance in the 'Performing Arts' department your reaction is 'Yay!'. In P.E. your reaction is more 'This is sad'. Because it is, they prance you around like fairies and do stuff that was in big in the well a while ago. Or was simply never big. Has anyone else ever seen the teacher who is flat stomach'ed one week, pregnant the next? Freaky. Last we had english and we had to talk to the class, with nothing prepared in advance just talking freely. We had to talk about things we would put in room 101 (Room 101 means its gone forever) and of course my name got picked to go. My first item was 'When people stop in the middle of the street' because hey thats pretty annoying? Right. Second I selected 'When people play loud music on buses' aka chav's being themselves, when they have earplugs for a reason? I doubt an old woman really wants to groove along to Lmfao? Finally I couldn't think of anything else annoying but when you have to go to the bathroom and its vacant and you end up doing the pee pee dance? I had the whole class laughing, which I wanted because it took up most of my speech time! I wore my warm 'Love dance' pj's today, nice and snug. See ya for tomorrow, with more info on some free perfume. (NEW CONTEST!).

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