Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday 7th October


Today, it was That's birthday and well I was 'Bare jel' as the people from Essex apparently say. Gotta love stereotypes, yeah as if we all are bright orange and tlk lyk this babezzz. His birthday was better than mine (As others will see) I still benefited! We got some gorgeous KFC and he had a chocolate cake for afters. I mean I wasn't jealous of his prezzies, I got more money and I didn't get pokemon junk. But today you know when parents do baby talk, well She was doing baby talk to That's friend and when my friend came home she was doing baby talk practically all night. But we had to do a trip to the supermarket and spotted a trolley full of reduced items…My family always love the feeling of saving money and we rake through the cheap stuff, so I went over to have a look through. I called my mum and dad over as I pulled out stuff, but suddenly a woman appeared - it was her trolley, not the usual one filled with cheap stuff! I was so embarrassed that I stumbled into some wine bottles, which my mum had to pay for! Then when we got to the checkout a bottle of Coke burst open as it fell to the floor! It just sprayed everywhere. Three checkouts had to be closed off because of the spillage, and we were totally soaked!  Even the guy at the checkout got wet - he had long hair which was so drenched that he looked like he'd been swimming or something! To make my day worse I had an allergic reaction to my spotcream which made me look like a demented clown all day! See ya's for tomorrow! FOLLOW ME NOW!

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