Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday 30th October


(Today technical difficulties, sorry!)
Today i got that Sunday feeling, so annoying. I think we deserve another week off. But today we went to a country farm place and my friend got to come.I was hanging out with her then this guide told us to look at the river to see what was in there. We did, and I leaned over to take a closer look. I got a bit closer than expected, and slipped on a patch of soggy mud - falling face first in the river! Everyone was in hysterics, even the teacher! I had to walk around drenched all day long.And they had to get my brother in to save me. How embarrassing... I was in my new trench aswell today. Talk about bad luck. Worse was I had a zit on my face and someone said, 'Is that food round your mouth'. 

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