Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday 19th October

(Technical problems with my phone today so I will resolve this situation).

Today, was exciting. Best part was hometime! Has anyone else had that moment when your looking through Facebook profiles and feel like commenting, 'Ooh, maybe change your hairstyle so you don't look like a dragqueen'. But we all decided to go to a park, mainly because all the cooler kids were there and we wanted to bump up our reputation, we were sat talking and one dodgy looking kid came up to us and then said, 'I bet you can't do a cartwheel.' Although I hadn't been cartwheeling since I was 4 and cartwheeling at 14 sounded sad I did one, but instead of landing on my feet I landed straight on my bum in a huge pile of dogs muck. My friend helped me with tissues and then the group came over and muttered to eachother and then said, 'Boffbags sits near dogs poo and likes it so much she falls into it'. I thought to myself how can they not be a boffbag if we in the same ability sets. So I replied, 'Boffbag can't find any slimfit jeans that fit properly, not up his legs'. That shut them up. Haha. Anyways enough of me today and see ya's for tomorrow.

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