Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday 15th October


Today, I was so excited about tomorrow I made up a little jump. I was practically a child at Christmas, wait till you see me at Christmas! My excitement got the better of me though, I had to distribute the last of my catalogues this week for fundraising though and erm. Let's just say the resident's down my road didn't appreciate a screeching teenager's screams down their letterboxes at lunchtime. Sorry for party rocking as LMFAO say. Speaking of lmfao I heard their recent song 'Sexy and I know it' on the radio and I hadn't of seen the music video and in form on Friday's we watch music video's we pick. So of course I pick that song just to see what the creators of the 'Shuffle' had done. And well my form tutor (Who's gay) loved the bit of bulge doing a wiggle on the interactive whiteboard. My year manager didn't when she walked in, she can't blame me for being with the charts? Oh well, today I wore a lovely shade of pink and really mixed it up with the accessories, my sister passed on to be a box of costume jewellery, slightly gothic but they look great on top! Tomorrow I will be meeting a 'Mystery Celebrity' and it'll be great. See ya's tomorrow, I'll be reporting much later tomorrow around 6pm onwards (GMT time) due to traffic. Remember to follow.

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