Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday 21st

Yay- photo's are now working. And if you commend saying i'm fat or something, I took this photo after I had my dinner so I was bloated!

Today, was dull. But it's FRIDAY! WOOP WOOP! Half term is upon us, but today we all came in non-uniform and the sixth formers came in fancy dress (As usual). Non uniform is a great day to find alot about your fellow classmates. You can tell the tramps, from the skanks. The snobs from the chav's. The people with no personality whatsoever and the label lovers. So yeah, take some advice when it's your non-uniform day, don't go in flashy labels that are not fake (I guarantee you'll be watched) labels are dull and everyone wears the same. Also don't wear a mini skirt in Winter (What is wrong you?). Also don't eat your lunch quick. I was late for a lesson because I hadn't finished lunch yet, so I quickly crammed my whole spaghetti bolognaise into my mouth and ran into class. But when I got there, everyone cracked up laughing, even the teacher! I had food all round my mouth and down my clothes. Something had puked on me, literally. See ya's for tomorrow! And stay tuned for half term madness!

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